split limb silencers

LimbSaver superquad split limb dampener. This fantastic little product, made from Limbsaver’s proprietary NAVCOM material, reduces noise and vibration by up to an incredible 70%, meaning you really won’t be disappointed. It also fits 95% of all standard and wide split limb bows, meaning it will be suitable for many archers out there.I know this topic is all over the place but see a lot of older posts.. My recruit is pretty quiet for the most part but seen these string stops on this picture and got me thinking (man I’d like those on mine). But can’t find those. So that made me think. Hmm maybe split limb dampener. Just curious..BowJax Complete Crossbow Kit – Split Limb Black. The most complete kit. It has 2. BowJax Crossbow Kit B – Split Limb Black. This kit contains a pair of split.The LimbSaver Ultra is their most recently introduced limb-mounted silencer and it replaced the original LimbSaver in 2004. Like the original, the Ultra works amazingly well and you can tell immediately when you put them on that a bow is quieter.In this post, I'll be discussing bow string silencers: first I'll discuss why they're.. The LimbSaver SuperQuad Split Limb Dampener is another top-notch piece of.On the Maxxis you will find a string suppressor, a moderately aggressive hybrid cam and a split roller guard. The bow has a string suppressor and factory-installed Bow jax limb silencers. finally,Purchase Bowjax Monsterjax Split Limb Dampeners at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get techxpert advice online from our archery experts.Designed to reduce bow noise and vibration, the LimbSaver SuperQuad split-limb dampener is designed to fit 95% of all standard and wide split limb bows, regardless of thickness or distance between the limbs. The SuperQuad can be installed in two orientation options for either wide- or narrow-spaced limbs.Find great deals on eBay for split limb silencers. Shop with confidence.Bow Limb Dampeners Filter by. Sort by Broadband Solid Limb Dampener – 2 Pack. On sale from $14.99 Sale View. TwistLox Split Limb Dampener – 4 pack. twistlox crossbow Split Limb Dampener Kit. Regular price $26.99 View. Broadband Crossbow Solid Limb dampener kit.split limb array Array technology arranges limbs in a parallel. two limb dampeners and two spider silencers. At just 13.5 inches from axle-to-axle it’s compact and maneuverable yet is rated for 405.