performance physical therapy

Futures treats addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders using an evidence-based, holistic approach that integrates.Performance Physical Therapy is amazing.. over the past 8 years they have helped me with 4 injuries (acl, tennis elbow, neck stiffness and heal injury) Kendall W. Performance has been essential to our teenage daughter’s successful recovery from two major knee injuries over an 18-month period.performance physical therapy came highly recommended by a lot of my colleagues in the orthopedics and neurosurgery field. Since I joined in late January 2019 I have been getting progressively better and stronger, thanks to the PPT wonderful team.Physical Therapy for Performers* * Individuals eager to get back their best self. Increase your function, regain mobility, get your life back. You’ll be smashing a customized rehabilitation and training program in an inspiring environment where everyone is welcome.Provide our expertise in injury evaluation to find out the cause of your pain or injury. Provide you the most advanced manual therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation techniques available with the most up to date and cutting-edge equipment so you can return faster and fully prepared for your active lifestyle."In 2011 I suffered a complete ACL tear and a meniscus tear. A friend recommended that I see Scott Crook for physical therapy/rehab before and after surgery — best decision I have ever made in medical treatment! Recovery is a year-long journey and having the support of Scott and his crew at Performance Physical Therapy was amazing."We help you resolve longstanding physical problems, alleviate pain, and help you . reach your performance potential faster and more completely than you thought possible. Our multi-faceted approach utilizes advanced manual therapy techniques, cutting edge fitness andJason graduated from Quinnipiac University with a masters in Physical Therapy and went on to earn his doctorate from Arcadia University. He plays an active role in mentoring all clinical staff at Performance including the Orthopedic Residents and students of physical therapy programs completing their affiliations.We use various techniques in physical therapy that sets us apart from the typical physical therapy clinic. The primary goals of these techniques are to target the injury or weakness in the body, and quickly assess and alleviate the pain so that one can return to their daily routine as soon as possible.